Upon placing your order, please give us your complete particulars (postal address, telephone number, VAT No., and e-mail address). We shall use this information only to send you the books you order:

  • We need your address to post your books.
  • We need your VAT number (if you have one) to issue an official invoice.
  • Your telephone number and e-mail address are necessary to generate an automated shipping label on the site of Bpost, to which we entrust our packages. This information will be used only if your package comes back to us (“unknown address” or “incomplete address”) and we have to inform you of that.

We hereby undertake not to divulge or sell this information to third parties.

We also shall not use your electronic address to send you unwanted newsletters or advertising. On the other hand, if you wish to be kept informed of our new publications, we urge you to subscribe to our newsletter by giving us your e-mail address in the field provided for this purpose.