About us

Civic thought, a new gaze, and a door that opens onto the future

The publishing house Now Future was launched in October 2016 with the publication of its first book (Bernard Wesphael’s Assassin). Its mission is to analyse current issues and events in society, to propose long-term critical thinking and solutions for the future, and to lay out the societal choices that the public must make today.

It extends the Liège entrepreneur Laurent Minguet’s Now Future blog in which he has been defending his vision of sustainable development since 2005:  “The future is now!” The engineer and physicist Laurent Minguet has founded several companies and is a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium. For his portrait, see www.nowfuture.org/laurent-minguet.

A sister publishing house 

Laurent Minguet bought Éditions du Perron in May 2017. This publishing company has been a fixture of the Liège landscape, with deluxe publications on Liège, history, heritage, and nature, since 1982.